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X General Chapter of Misionárias de Santo Antônio Maria Claret

The “X General Chapter” of “Misionárias de Santo Antônio Maria Claret” began the 11th of January of 2017. The tópic was “Bearin witness of Gospel of the mistical devotion, understanding and mission”, and another topic more: “Claretian Missionary, bring back and walk with goodness and joy”.

About thirty Missionaries took part on General Chapter. It was advised by Marcos Aurelio Loro CMF, Claretian Missionary’s Provincial ni Brasil.

In the 20th of January, the new General Government was choosen, made up by:

• General Superior: Ir. Dulcinéa Ribeiro de Almeida
• Area of charisma: Ir. Zenaide Teodoro da Silva
• Area of Religious Life: Ir. Neiva Maria Fiorentin
• Area of Religious Instruction:  Ir. Maria de Fátima Naves
• Area of Mission: Ir. Maria do Carmo Duarte
• Area of Secretary: Ir. Mariza Rosseto
• Area of Ecclesiastical: Ir. Odeth Aparecida Bueno Ferreira

We are  joined on a prayer to Claretian Missionary so that the results of the General Chapter may  be abundant. God bless you in all your evangelizer projects, in best way your General Government.

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