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Lights and shadows in the process of peace in Colombia

In the frame of the Encounter of National Awards of Peace, carried out between the 23rd and 24th February in San Vicente del Caguán, all who were awarded with the Prize since 1999 gathered two days, among them are found the Pacific Route of Women, Quibdó Diocese, Moncayo Professor (father of the non-commissioned officer of the army Pablo Emilio Moncayo) and Women of Mampuján.

This encounter looks for the fruit of the strengthen compromise to go ahead together and from the Territories, keep going in the ways of cohabitation, forgiveness and reconciliation, to achieve true and durable Peace, with justice and inclusion.

The other front of the coin is very worrying. As few days later, starting March 2017, the Mayor Community Council of the Integral Farmer Association of Atrato (COCOMACIA), communicates to the public opinion the paramilitary threatens to the community of Isla de los Rojas (Island of Rojas), Murindó, where they are suffering intimidation and extortion which stops the local community council of the ISLA DE LOS ROJAS, the practice of their autonomy and governability, the realization of their traditional practices of production in the same way as the enjoyment, use and pleasure of their territory as it stablishes the constitution and the law.

Apart from Isla de los Rojas, lay claretians tell us that Quibdó is getting unlivable due to crime of criminal gangs, paramilitaries and microtrafic.

We encourage our siblings to keep alive the hope in the construction of peace and justice. 

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