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From Chicago Carmelita, WELCOME TO THE LCM!

From Chicago, the wind city, the lay claretians share a small review about the retreat that took place on the 6th and 7th of October, with their counselor, Fr. Alex Gaitán CMF. During this encounter they worked on the document “New wine in new wineskins” provided by the General Council. They’ve also witnessed the incorporation to the movement of Carmelita Triana, a member of the community.

“It was a moment of grace, a moment of God”. As the central work topic, we took the meditative reflection above indicated. We tried to go into depth on the document by J.C.Rey García Paredes, although we know that it is something that will come with us to our daily life. It is a nice task to find ways to build “new wineskins”, incarnating that Word of God and taking it to others.

During the retreat we were able to clear up which our old wineskins are and, at the same time, glimpse the new ones, the new wineskins necessary in our world, in our particular reality, in the vital context where we are called to be witnesses. 

There were two guests who felt welcome from the very beginning. These fraternal moments helped them feel part of the community, sharing and living together the joy of the meeting.

During the celebration of the mass, and after a period of discernment, Carmelita Triana asked to be admitted in the Movement. This new incorporation made us thank God for his love. It was a moment of happiness for everybody.

All the Movement was present in our prayers, as much in Vespers and Lauds as in the celebration of the Eucharist. It`s unexplainable the strong bonds we feel as brothers and sisters in the same charisma, despite the cultural differences. We presented to God the needs, emotions and joys of all the members of the Movement.

Let`s pray for each other and let us keep going forward with the work of God, since we have been called to be part of the Claretian family.

(Conchita, sc Chicago)

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