IX AG - Cabecera

Friday 17. Second day in GA.

Today we spent a lot of time on discussing the documment which summarized the last four years of the General Council.
The most interesting part took place in the afternoon because we were discussing various issues related to the general side of the LCM's activities and organization. It was very interesting to share the ideas, worries, and testimonies. We tackled such issues as communication, languages, the role and activities of the General Council, and so forth.
Tomorrow is the Claretian Family Day. It will be a very solemn time of enjoying our community life.


0 #1 Chucho cmf- vzla 18-07-2015 20:36
Les sigo con interes. Que el Dios les anima a ir adelante en las metas propuestas.

chucho cmf- Asesor Espiritual S C Vzla

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