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July 16, 2015. The beginning of Our IX General Assembly

Today, July 16, Day of Our Lady of Carmel and day of the 166 Anniversay of the Claretian Missionaries Congregation, our Lay Claretian Movement has begun our IX GENERAL ASSEMBLY, under the theme New Wine into New Wine Skins¨.   We are happy to confirm that at the same time, the FILIACION CORDIMARIANA, part of our claretian family, also are having their X Worldwide Assembly.

Mexico, Venezuela, Honduras, Perú, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Chicago, Bolivia, North of Spain and Betica have met in the morning to pray in the garden in front of the sculpture of our mother, Virgin Mary, that is located in this beautyful place.

After the breakfast, the meeting´s program has begun. All day through has been a detailed and participative mass. After a remembrance of our last VIII Assembly in Aparecida in Brazil, the first meeting in the morning is focused in the celebration of pardon. First, we worked this matter in couples, later we share the information in little groups, in which we revised carefully the effect of what we dreamed to be our Movement versus the Movement that we share today with the world. And these dreams and realities are shared in all the aspects of our lives. In the personal life, in the community life and in the image that we shared in our regional councils. At the same time, we also analyzed and shared what is left to obtain, what is missing, to live in our Movement reference our dreams and aspirations of what we want to be, as established in the last VIII Assembly. All this analysis and conclusions has been identified as our form of pardon ourselves for all our misdoing to achieve our goals in the last four years, since Aparecida.

After the break we had the Godspell liturgy or the Word of the Lord. To do so, we divided the assembly in various groups of five or six lay claretians to proclaim the Godspell, analyse what it says to each of us, to the group and to our Lay Claretian Movement. The Abraham´ s faith, the gift of the sight for the blind people and the experience of the apostols during the storm in the boat, when Jesus is called for them has helped us to think about the needs and the challenges that our today´s world offers to our Lay Claretian Movement.

Polony arrived today and shares with us in this part of the day. We hope that Brazil and Congo arrives promptly.

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