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Chronicle of the General Council in Madrid – April 2017

From 8th to 15th of April, members of the General Council of Movement gathered in Madrid to evaluate the work developed until the date and coordinate the one is going to be planned the next year. It is the 17th reunion the Council has organized since the last General Assembly in Granada, and the fourth that we can have make in-person. 

Unexpectedly, this reunion was longer than thought. The cancellation at last time of the travel to Democratic Republic of Congo, following the recommendations of diplomatic organisms, provided us five days more that we decided to use to progress in the general planning with which we want to revitalize the Movement during these four years. Edison, Economy Secretary, only could join the reunion on 12th due to job reasons, but he was informed about the treated stuff in telephonic way until his incorporation.

The reunion had a very intense rhythm, because we wanted to use at maximum this time together to dialogue widely about every topic of work. On the one hand, we have tried to know and revise the actual situation of every region and communities without region. On the other hand, we have analyzed one by one the development of the different actions we are executing to develop the four strategical lines established by the last Assembly: 1) reaffirm our identity and the experience of our charism; 2) reinforce the organization of Movement to answer with our actual reality; 3) improve the communication in the Movement, with special care to the attention of communities without region and cultural differences; and 4) strengthen the goods communication.

Many of these actions are being carried by many lay claretians that are acting as delegates of zone, delegates for different general services, or members of some of many teams of work that have been formed to do determined tasks. To all the Movement, including them, we want to thank the availability, the effort and the love they transmit to this fraternal communion we keep building among all.  Without the collaboration and service of all it would be impossible develop the marked objectives.

We have tried to enrich the work methodology repeating the experience of stablishing contact about the progress with a good number of lay claretians and religious assessors. This allowed us to comment with them at real time different aspects of interest related with the issues we were working at that moment with, knowing their impressions and points of view, and transmit them personally our greeting, energy and deep gratitude to their labor.

As usual in the reunions of the Council, we also tried to have encounters with the lay claretians of that place. Despite many of their members were out the city preparing and living experiences of Easter in missionary way, some lay people from the communities of Clip and Old Students of Madrid (Antiguos Alumnos de Madrid) made the possible to comfort us and make the members of the Council to enjoy with them very kind moments of dialogue, company and fraternity.

After nine days of reunion, excellently looked after by the claretian community of Curia of Madrid, who accepted us with huge affection and made us feel at home in a family climax; we ended this encounter of the General Council, that we have valued in a very positive way, due to what it have supposed to the boost of the planned work and we hope it to be useful for the Movement. 

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